Owning Your Worth

by - November 19, 2018

I am going to get straight to the point with this one. Own your worth. You are worthy of unconditionally loving yourself, honouring yourself, following your path, living your truth and making your dreams happen. You are already worthy without a beauty commercial having to tell you so.

Embodying your self-worth is the number one pillar of personal growth, receiving all the wonderful things you deserve and living the life you desire on your own terms. It all starts with here. Below you will find out some of the main blocks to owning our worth, how to recognise them and overcome them. Once you are aware, there's nothing standing in your way!

Let's get rid of this modern-day myth once and for all. Your worth is not defined by what you've achieved or what you are currently trying to achieve. It simply isn't. You are worthy just because you exist, you are worthy just because you were born, you are worthy just because you breathe.

As driven and determined women, we tend to get so caught up into our ambitions, tasks, plans and goals that we see outcome and progress as the only indicators of how worthy we feel. The more "productive" we felt that day, the more worthy we've felt - does this sound familiar? I admit that I used to believe so. I defined my worth with accomplishments, securing job roles and clearing my task list to name a few. I was living always on the chase for the next big thing, thinking that then I would pause, then I would deserve to feel good about myself. But guess what? That "then", that mythical land never came, because there was always something else that needed to be done first. The truth is that there will always be something else that needs to be done and that's totally okay, but don't let these things meddle with your self-worth.

You are not any worthier for getting the promotion you've wanted than when you just started your first boring job. You are not any worthier for being in a happy relationship than when you were messily single. You are not any less worthy for watching Netflix on the weekend rather than running a marathon. You are worthy 24/7, 365+ days. You are worthy beyond your human time on Earth.

This is a big one. Society is great at trying to define us, put us into categories, little neat boxes and tell us what we are and what we are good at. It dictates what the "norm" is and assigns labels. And labels can really block us from owning our worth, especially when we believe that they define our value, identity and true essence.

Society and people may try to define and judge your worth, but you don't have to do that. You are the only authority on the matter of who you are. You are the only authority who can say whether you are "different" than the "norm" and what it means to you. You are the only one who has the power to diminish your worth, deny or withhold it from you.

Your worth comes from within you. It's infinite.

Often we believe we are worthy only when we count the good parts and sunny days of life. But when we think of the past, of what we consider "mistakes" and "failures", we hesitate. It's difficult to fully believe in your unquestionable worth when you feel guilt or shame. Allow yourself time and space to heal from the past experiences and give yourself the ultimate permission to move on free of the weight that the past has put on your shoulders. Healing is an intricate process that is not universal for everyone, you can start by forgiving yourself first and see where it takes you. Lean on the love you feel within yourself towards yourself and allow it to guide you. Letting go of the energy of the built-up pain from the past can be a raw, vulnerable and emotional journey, but you owe it to yourself to start fresh. You owe it to yourself to honour your self-worth.

You are not your past and you are worthy no matter your mistakes, errors or failures. What matters is who you believe you are.

For a clarification, there's more to this list. You can sit down with yourself and take a moment to reflect on your own worthiness - is there anything you don't feel genuinely worthy of? Do you feel ready to heal and move forward? What can you do everyday to embody your self-worth?

If you've got any questions, feel free to hit the comment button below or send me an e-mail! I'm always happy to hear from you!

Have a day of love and ease!

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