Why Being is Just as Important as Doing

by - October 01, 2018

Have you ever wondered how your day would look like if you didn't have to push through it but rather flow with it? Well, here's the thing - going through your day doesn't have to be a struggle. You can absolutely allow your day to unfold organically all while you get your work done. It doesn't have to be one or the other. "Doing" doesn't have to come on the expense of "being" and vice versa.

We are used to operating on a basis of five-six days of doing and one day of being. We are convinced that being is unproductive, lazy and only relates to sitting on the couch, watching TV (or Netflix, if you're cool). But is it all true? Isn't it true that not everything you do at work falls under the category of "work"? Aren't there moments when you wish you could just pause, close your eyes and listen to the external noises for a minute or two without guiltily attaching the label of "unproductive" to yourself?

Your desire to simply be is not a flaw. It's your nature.

It's time you welcome it and embrace it, judgement and guilt-free. We are human beings, not doings. Yes, we create, we produce, we move, but all of this is not separate from being, it's part of it. When we go through our day with the intention of being, we don't feel the need to push or strive anymore. We don't feel the need to hurry and compete, we are calmer, slower and more grounded. We are gentler and more compassionate to ourselves and others. We connect deeply with ourselves, we perceive the world not as an exterior, but as an extension of us. Things begin to feel less urgent, needed and important. They soften at the edges and we allow ourselves to be more present in the moment we are given.

You can have the mindset of being all while you are doing too. You can drive, work, commute, walk your dog all while you are being. And I am not talking just about mindfulness here, but a way of living in sync with your body, mind and heart's rhythms. A synchronicity that allows you to flow with your day so you don't feel the need to push. Rest when you feel tired, eat when you are hungry, stretch your legs when you sit for too long, converse with a co-worker or a friend when you feel sociable and retrieve when you don't. Prioritise those tasks that feel natural at the current moment and get back to those that don't at a later point.

We are human, intelligent, emotional, intuitive... We are more than one thing. We are more than just doing.

Just like it's easier to create when we feel brimming with inspiration, we are more likely to offer valuable contributions when we meet less internal resistance. Sometimes when we don't feel like doing something it doesn't mean that we are unproductive or procrastinating, but it's a pretty good indication that there might be something else that is worth our time and efforts at that moment. Don't try to push through and keep going when your body or mind has indicated otherwise. Instead, allow yourself to feel what you feel and then go through your day in accordance with it. Resisting or pushing might lead to the outcome you've desired, but throughout you would feel the inner imbalance like something within you is not quite right, but you cannot pinpoint what.

Being starts with practice, the more aware you are of how you feel throughout your day, the more you can tap into it when you find yourself off course. It doesn't require years of special training - it has always been an intrinsic part of you, just now is the time to connect deeper with it.

Have a day of ease and love and let me know in the comments below how tuning into being is going for you! And if you have any questions, I'd love to answer!

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