Learning to Accept Uncertainty

by - September 03, 2018

[Un]certainty. How can you love this word? It is the opposite of certainty and we all love feeling certain, assured, confident and knowing. That's what we are all aiming for, right? Well, not this time. With uncertainty things are a bit different. It's not something that we should work on to become more certain of, but actually learn to feel good in it. It's not really about overcoming.

But allowing it, accepting it and flowing with it.

All of those are just simple words and yet feeling them is nothing but simple. It is a process. Some of us are better at living with uncertainty, others are not so and some of us have had to learn (yep, me included).

I used to hate uncertainties -  they triggered all my fears and made me feel way too vulnerable for my liking. Thinking of how I could control something that I cannot foresee, how could I make a plan, take an action when I just had to wait? I used to immediately associate uncertainty with waiting and giving up my power to life events out of my control. And was I wrong...

I am not waiting anymore around the uncertainties, I am accepting them and allow them to be there. I might not necessarily like them, but resisting them and growing resentment within me was not getting me anywhere. I am not waiting around, I am living. I focus on what brings me ease and what makes me happy, not on what I can or cannot control. Because we don't control anything. None of us can. We only think we do... until we don't. Letting go of my need to control helped me take the next steps. I no longer feel like I need to take action all the time. Forcing a desired outcome is not how we always get that outcome. I no longer feel like I have to give my power to the uncertainty. The power I have allows me to accept it. It allows me to flow with it and why not learn from it? Things don't just happen, there is a reason and I welcome the uncertainty to show it to me.

We don't have all the answers instantly when we want them. Sometimes they come in their own time, but what we have right now is a choice. You can resist it, keep getting more frustrated at the present situation, at yourself or putting the focus on someone else, angry that they have all the power over your current circumstances. You can also ignore it, just pretend that everything is great and don't ever think about the subject again until the uncertainty magically transforms into certainty on its own. Or you can accept it as it is, you can cease trying so hard to change it and find a way to enjoy life throughout. You can learn from it and let it lead you to a new direction.

Which option is the one that makes you feel better? Which option would you make your choice?

Let me know in the comments below or share them on social media. I'd love to hear from you!

Have a day of love and ease!

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