Where is the 'Self' in Self-care?

by - August 27, 2018

Self-care is one of the current buzz words that spirals down on us from Social Media, the wellbeing online circles and print media. But what does self-care really mean? Is it simply painting your nails to a jazzy musical backdrop after a wild Saturday night? "Why would I need to practice self-care?" you might wonder. Well, I'm so glad you've asked! I invite you to join me and find out.

We all know how to take care of ourselves on a universal level - taking a daily shower, hydrating, eating and sleeping. On top of that each of us take additional care on an individual level - some like to take a candle-lit bath on a Sunday, some go on a long hike in the wilderness, others like to cook organic meals.

But there's something deeply rooted beneath the surface of it all. You.

That's right. Self-care is more than the food you eat, the hours you put in at the gym, or simply lounging in your pyjamas on a weekend. It's about what your entire being truly needs and wants - your body, mind, heart and soul. Taking care of all the elements of your self is where the key to self-care lies. It's often easier to focus on the physical part of it, because reaching deeper is uncomfortable. And we love our comfort to a level that we would do anything to avoid raw honesty with ourselves. But digging deep into the muddy discomfort is where we really find how to take care of ourselves.

I am not going to give you a list of suggestions and ideas this time, not because I don't have any, but because they might not be what you need. Only you know that. What I am going to do instead is share a few examples of where you can have a better look. Then it's up to you where you want to see yourself go.

Self-care is consistently finding clarity of what you truly want. It's figuring out how to feel good when you don't even know how to go through the week. It's about honouring your emotions and allowing yourself to fully feel them, because this is what makes you human. Taking care of who you are on a deeper level is not something to leave until retirement. It's something to do right now and keep up all the time. 

What is it that you are trying to avoid or neglect? What is it that you cannot accept in yourself? What is missing? Reflection is self-care - caring enough about yourself to go under the surface. Discovering what holds you back and finding the courage to change it is self-care. Not allowing the labels and definitions overpower the true you is self-care. Allowing yourself to want more even when everyone else around you can't understand why.

There's no one else that can take care of you as well as you can. It doesn't come externally, but from within. That's self-care. 

I hope your week is flowing with ease!

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