Here Is How You Can Travel with More Ease

by - July 23, 2018

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Travelling can be exciting, especially when you're thinking about the destination, but often the journey itself ends up being exhausting. Imagine that you've had to cram a week of work into the day before you leave and finish packing by 2am in the morning, all while making sure you watered the plants, threw away the rubbish and turned off the boiler, just to discover that the clothes you wanted to take are in the laundry basket. The thing about holidays is that they are all-so-wonderful and relaxing, but getting there can be quite the opposite. If you are not the only one out there wondering how you can experience the joys of smooth travelling, join us and find out whether it's really possible or just another modern-day fantasy. 

There are a couple of nuggets I've learned the hard way. One of those things is overworking. Whether you work for yourself, a start-up, a medium or big organisation (been there, done that!), there'll be a pile of work lined up for you before you go and a pile of work sweetly waiting for you to come back. It's inevitable. However, what you can do is prioritise, manage and process as early as possible. Depending on your level of responsibility and amount of work, try to start at least a month ahead. Keep the date of travelling somewhere visible, so it can serve you as a reminder not to schedule anything time-consuming or take up on a new project closer to that day. Make a list of everything you have to complete by the day you go and prioritise it based on urgency and importance. This way if someone asks you to do something that's going to take a good chunk of your time, you can instantly refer to your list and be honest whether it can be done on top of everything else. If you're not honest with yourself, you are signing up for a week of miserable struggle. You are a human being, not a superhero. Keep that in mind next time you are about to nod and smile.

Check what you'll need to buy for your trip and run the errands the weekend before. As tempting as it can be to leave stuff for the last minute, this time might be spent more usefully in case of emergencies or anything else that pops up in your mind literally in the last minutes. Also if you are looking to purchase something specific, you may not find it instantly, so leaving yourself a few more days to look around is not such a bad idea!

This one is an absolute must. When we are running between things and have time only to catch our breath, our wellbeing often doesn't even make it on our list. But this is when it's even more important. Stress can cause sleep difficulties, bad digestion, and weaken your immune system among a few others. Dedicate extra time to plan and prepare healthier meals, perhaps add some vitamins and supplements and hydrate. Immerse yourself into a soothing salts bath and stick to an early bed time regimen. Being busy can tempt you to forgo your morning workout or meditation and rush to the office earlier, but if you strongly feel the urge to do so - perhaps shorten it rather than completely desert it.

If you neglect to take care of yourself, travelling can be unpleasant and even a week at a secluded beach won't be enough to restore your strength. Feeling more at ease starts first and foremost from within.

A joyful packing experience has only ever been felt by a select few. If you are not one of those lucky souls, make sure you have plenty of time at your leisure so you don't switch to panic mode and end up forgetting something. The calmer you are, the better your memory works. Run the washing machine ahead of time for your clothes to be ready and dry and take only what you need. Realistically you can't wear all of those tops in one day, so don't pack more than you can actually put into use. Same applies to skincare and beauty products. You might think you need all of the items of your lengthily routine, but if you are not going to be away for a long period of time, be creative and work out what you can leave behind. There's always something that's not going to be deeply missed.

If you are travelling by air, delays are common feature as you already know, so it might be practical to pack some essentials in the hand luggage just in case. It's good to consider what time of the day it will be when you arrive and what you would need. A mascara is not always one of those, but toothpaste and a brush, hand sanitiser gel and something nutritious may come in handy. 

There's time and place where style can take a backseat and that's travelling, regardless of what form it takes. You don't want to find yourself regretting those tight jeans on a long-distance trip. Comfort and functionality go together well with travel. Choose breathable fabrics and also always consider the possible weather changes - flip flops might be better suited for your suitcase rather than your feet. Grab a hoodie, a cardigan or a scarf just in case you get the chills from the air conditioning unless you're the one driving and dictating the rules! 

We all want easy and enjoyable travel, but sometimes the best way we can do that is by channelling our self-compassion. Striving for perfection is not going to give you the satisfaction and peace you are looking for. It's okay to leave some pieces of work unfinished, it's okay to be a little bit messy, it's okay if you don't get everything you had in mind done. All of those things are perfect in their own way even if they are not in the shape you've wanted them to be. Don't be too hard on yourself if travelling doesn't bring a smile to your face like it does to your friends, real life is not a social media flicker. Take your time and the joy will come to you at its own pace. Allow yourself to feel the way you do and allow yourself to be the person you are, unruled by expectations. Only you can bring that ease.

Have a day of love and travel light!

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