Your Guide to a Technology Detox Weekend

by - June 25, 2018

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Whether you are technologically unstoppable 24/7 or only an occasional user, having some time off the constant buzz and thrill of our digital lives might not be such a bad idea. Just like anything else in life, surrounding ourselves with too much of one thing makes it necessary for us to create some space away from it. You will bring newness to your day and open up the possibilities for something else to fill it. But above all, it is going to be a challenge. If technology has become your go-to source of entertainment, communication, information and exercise monitoring, then it's time to do some cleansing, because we all know that you can do any of these things without the helping hand of technology.

When we create a habit, it's not that easy to break it, but let's make one thing clear - your detox weekend is not about breaking a habit. So release the pressure. It's about creating more space in your life, welcoming newness and challenging yourself, because you can definitely survive a weekend without technology and come out of it much stronger and revived. Take the weekend off technology and see what it can lead you to.

Pick a weekend of your choice and make sure you finish any outstanding work the day before. Spend a few minutes thinking of anything that might pop up and require your attention during the weekend. Take care of it ahead so it doesn't spoil your free-of-technology time. If you're always "on", perhaps you can inform your family that you won't be available during the weekend, so they don't worry. Feel free to get in touch with your friends and arrange something to do together if you'd like to, but give them the heads up that they won't be able to find you on the phone! And why not invite them to join you on your tech detox weekend? The more, the merrier unless you want to use the time for yourself.

Turn your phone(s), computer and any other devices off the evening before. You can put them somewhere out of reach if you think it would better help you cope with the change. You wouldn't want to be tempted from the very first minutes of the morning, especially if checking your device is part of your morning routine.

Once you're ready to face Saturday with no technology nearby, it's good to set a few ground rules for yourself so you don't feel overwhelmed. Take it easy and remind yourself that this is not supposed to be a lifestyle change or some sort of test of endurance. You are simply taking a break from something you might have overindulged in. It is similar to cleansing any other toxin, just here the toxins being technological. You don't have to be perfect at it, because "perfect" doesn't exist. And you don't have to feel the need to go overboard and banish all devices from your life afterwards (unless it's a well-thought decision and you're one hundred percent sure!).

Allow yourself to have fun, allow yourself to breathe easier. If you feel like you might be getting agitated or anxious, that's okay. Don't push or resist the emotions within you and please don't draw conclusions or assumptions based on them. If you start feeling anxious at the beginning, it doesn't mean that you can't live without your phone. The only thing this "means" is that you are trying something new and it feels new, so allow it, feel it and accept it. Express how you feel - write, sketch, design, or cook (okay, you can use the oven...). The show is all yours! It only gets better.

"What am I going to do with my time now?!", we hear you, we've all been there. If you're prone to using technology devices throughout the majority of your spare time, you might find it challenging at first to come up with enjoyable activities to occupy yourself with. But it's not impossible. Do what you love, do what makes you happy. Dig up your hobbies - go for a run, read a book, spend some time outside under the sun, buy a new plant. You can catch up with friends, host a themed dinner party or go out for a Sunday brunch. You are creative, you'll always find something great to do!

There's also an opportunity for you to try something new - salsa dancing, spicing up your home's décor, or learning a skill you've been curious about.

Appreciate and enjoy the vibrancy of your weekend, but also dedicate at least an hour to recharge before Monday. Honour the time you spend for taking care of yourself and your well-being. Your body and mind need that rest you might withhold from them because other things take priority. Make your wellness a priority. Having a weekend off technology can only improve the quality of your rest time. There are no distractions, no feeds to scroll and messages to reply to. It's just you. You can prepare yourself an aromatic bath, read a magazine or a book, listen to the quiet ripples of the water and the flicker of the candles. You can practice breathing exercises or mindfulness and if they are not your cup of tea, read a book or paint your nails! Do whatever it is that nourishes you and makes you feel whole. It's all up to what you love and what brings out the balance within you.

Well done! You've survived throughout an entire weekend with no technology! Regardless of the ups and downs here and there, you didn't need a device to keep you company, complete your day or make you happy. You've got all of that by simply being and doing everything else you love. Now you know that it's possible, now you know you how it feels. Take a moment to do a little dance and why not celebrate? You've made it through another challenge all by yourself! Savour the moment.

Have a day of love and an amazing weekend of technology detox!

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