'Lady Bird' and The Journey of Finding Yourself

by - May 14, 2018

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Ever since the credits began to roll and I left the cinema, I knew that Lady Bird was something worth talking, sharing and writing about. It wasn't just the fact that it is a really good film, but because its messages never stop ringing true.

Lady Bird tells the story of Christine (Saoirse Ronan) - a teenage girl in her final year of high school, living in Sacramento, California. She's figuring out her aspirations of going to college, sampling identities, friendships, intimacy and love, all while navigating a turbulent relationship with her opinionated and strong-willed mother (Laurie Metcalf). Dreaming of a life outside her town where she could freely be her unique self, Christine "Lady Bird" (a name she's proudly given herself) can't wait to storm into adulthood and prove everyone's definitions of her wrong, including her mother's.

I feel like we all have been like Lady Bird in more than one phase of our life, tweaking versions of ourselves, navigating between new social circles and zip codes, relishing the taste of being someone that's not really us. She is not afraid to discover new things whether it's auditioning for the school play, applying for colleges hundreds of miles away that everyone tells her she doesn't have a chance of getting into, or finding the confidence to strike up a conversation with a guy she has been crushing on.

She simply wants to find her true self and the place outside of home where she'll fit in. And don't we all? The journey of figuring out who we are doesn't end with adolescence. Towards the end, the roots of this realization have slowly started to grow in Christine's mind. Just like us, she still has a lot to learn and plenty of life experiences to embrace. Her stubbornness and desire to manifest her identity come across as charming, but also with bittersweet familiarity.

We change, we evolve and we can't live according to other people's expectations of what growing up should feel like. You are allowed to change your mind, your taste in food and music, your goals and career. You are allowed to continue the search of finding your authentic self and live according to it. Shake off all those limiting stories you're telling yourself and open your heart and mind to more. Each journey is unique, beautiful and worth pursuing. Lady Bird's is. And so is yours too. You owe it to yourself to feel happy, free and fearless. So don't give up on growing, don't give up on learning more about yourself, trying new experiences and figuring out who you are.

It's your journey and no one else can start it, but you.

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