7 Ways You Can Exercise Outside

by - May 28, 2018

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The summer is already here and while I know a lot of you treasure the time you dedicate to the gym, with the sun shining brightly why don't we take a break from routine and workout outside? And before you jump to fiercely protect your current regimen, you can carry on in the gym and also enjoy the fresh air. Your workout can complement itself, it doesn't have to be mutually exclusive! There's plenty of benefits from spending time outside - it boosts your mood, calms your nervous system down and helps you soak up vitamin D on the go to name a few. Plus you can take a breather from the sweat and ventilated air inside! And as you probably already know, challenging yourself and trying something different can open doors to new possibilities.

If you've ever wanted to join a class, but always backed off at the last minute, now might be a good time to sample some of them out. Yoga and Pilates classes are often offered outside and sometimes you can join taster sessions for free as well, depending on the area you live in. All you need is a mat, a water bottle and the willingness to stay present and enjoy the moment. You can meet new people, share common interests and ideas or simply savour the peace and quiet of practicing yoga outside! If taking a class is really not your thing, you can take on the challenge of going solo in the park, your garden or somewhere green and tranquil!
Tip: It seems simple, but allow yourself to be fully present in mind as well as body and this will make everything else feels much better and right. 

There are more intense outdoor workouts you can try such as circuit training. It could be done either as a part of a class or individually - the choice is yours. Circuit training focuses on high-intensity body endurance by performing circuits composed of a number of exercises done in short bursts, designed for your total, upper and lower-body and for your core. They are usually quite active and performed without a break between each individual exercise until a full circuit is complete.
Tip: Hydration is very important when doing any sort of exercise, but after a couple of circuits you'll understand how glad you are that you brought an extra bottle of water with you!

Another way you can enjoy the outdoors and take part in a class is to try rowing. Not only is it one of the oldest Olympic sports, but it's also more engaging than an everyday workout. Rowing can also feel relaxing as you can immerse yourself in the movements of your body and the water splashes beneath. It's great for coordination, improves muscular strength and has cardiovascular benefits.
Tip: Rowing is all about power, good technique and, if you're in a crew, working well in synchronisation as a team.

Cycling is not only an environmentally-friendly and relatively quick method of transportation, but also it's a good and simple workout that's not limited by the confinements of the gym. If you don't have one, you can borrow from a friend or look around for companies that rent bicycles. You can cycle around your city park or explore a town nearby, again depending on where you live. Cycle alone to clear your head, while toning your body or you can invite someone along.
Tip: It might sound obvious, but try and get a bike that's correctly adjusted for your height and posture and it will make a world of difference to your enjoyment. And remember to be safe and wear a helmet!

The nice weather outside makes hiking even better (but not when it's way too hot!). If there's a trail you've been curious to explore, grab a pair of comfortable shoes, a backpack of essentials such as food, water, SPF cream, a map, and ask a friend to come and join you. Of course you can go by yourself as long as you are good with directions and have some knowledge of the region.
Tip: If you're going on a long walk somewhere you're not wholly familiar with, make sure you plan your route out before you go, and make sure you let someone know where you're going and when you expect to be back. You don't want to get lost without signal and have no one know where you are!

Running is perhaps the simplest and easiest exercise to practice outdoors as you don't need any equipment or prior training. You can be a novice in need of a light exercise plan or be training for a marathon. Another great thing about running is the location - choose a favourite spot by a river, a beach or a park and enjoy the scenery as you run. It can benefit your cardiovascular and respiratory system, but also your motivation if you love challenging yourself as you can set speed, time or distance targets and cheer yourself as you accomplish them.
Tip: If you're serious about running and can afford it, find a good sports or running shop and invest in a pair of running shoes. Your feet will thank you after you've started putting in some serious mileage.

Whether it's in a lake or a river, freshwater swimming connects you with nature and can also enhance your body awareness. It's great on its own, but also has the possibility to be quite fun when it's done in groups. You can join a club or swim with friends!
Tip: It's recommended that you only bathe in designated freshwater swimming areas. Check with local clubs about where the best and safest spots are. Oh, and bring a towel!

If you'd rather play a sport of some sort as an outdoors workout, tennis or beach volleyball can be a good and fun fit for the summer. Whatever you choose, I hope you fully enjoy it and find it beneficial.

Have a great workout and a week filled with love!

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