In Search of Balance: How to Stay Grounded

by - March 05, 2018

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It's early-March and we can already feel the delicate footsteps of spring coming closer. Regardless of the moody weather that often conceals the first signs of green and warmth, the beginning of spring shifts something in us. It's a wake-up call, holding the transformative power to help us expand our inner world and deepen the connection within ourselves. A great way to achieve that connection is by dedicating a moment each day to ground ourselves. This will strengthen the balance that often escapes us. Feeling more centred not only help us cope with built-up stress and daily challenges, but also brings us clarity, long-time needed peace, and answers to the worries that keep us awake at night.

Being outside surrounded by nature is proven to boost your mood, calm you down, and enhance your receptiveness so you can reach the balance within yourself. It can also ultimately help you lighten up your day, because once you tone down all that seriousness, you'll be astonished how your outlook changes and your fixation on problems dissolves. Even though it would be a dream come true, you don't have to live by the ocean, in the middle of a forest, or at the top of a mountain to feel the restoring energy of nature. As a city-dweller myself (though I can't say I'm a fan!),  my connection to nature is more limited but it doesn't stop me from making sure I set time aside to take in as much quiet as possible by walking through my favorite park every week. We're at our most creative, inspired and calmer selves when we're closer to the natural world. There's no better place to heighten your awareness, bringing yourself a few steps closer to the balance you seek.

Creating space around you and creating space within guides your process to staying grounded. First, have a look around your place. What do you see? Do you feel that you have all the space you need to centre yourself? Is there anything that you need to free yourself from? Chaos reflects chaos. If you're too preoccupied with work or other demands to create more physical space around you, it won't be as smooth and easy to then create the space within yourself. Channel your minimalistic side and let go of the clutter you no longer need that envelops you. I don't just mean the accessories and toiletries that you've just left lying around, but everything that had become a natural part of the décor - Christmas and birthday gifts you don't need, boxes, discarded post, loose papers, magazines and so on. When I embarked on my own search of balance, I was honestly surprised by how many things I've accumulated in a year since our last move and how much they've increased in the past few months. Give them away, donate them or just throw them out (disposing of them responsibly, of course) and I dare you to see the difference yourself.

Learning to create space within myself has changed me. Once I learned to consciously select a time of the day when I can be distraction and guilt-free and dedicate twenty to fifty minutes to ground myself, I've started to experience life in ways I haven't before. Not just the blessings and difficulties it offers, but I began to realize that it might not be all what we've thought it is. To help you with creating space within, below you can find the techniques that work for me. You can decide which ones speak to you most and try out those that suit your lifestyle best.

Living in balance is just like everything else in life - you need to allocate time, show up and put in some effort. Regardless of how busy your day is, try to dedicate a few minutes for yourself. As you might eventually find out - a balance is not achieved by itself. However you choose to do so, it's completely up to you - there's no right or wrong. You could try meditation, this could be guided - if you feel more comfortable with structure and following directions, or you may find yourself leaning towards non-guided if you prefer to follow your body and mind's natural direction. I find a good length is around twenty minutes, but you can start with ten and see how it goes. There is a pool of available resources out there (e.g. videos, apps, playlists) and plenty to choose from. If your phone is your most used device - browse around the range of meditation apps and try a few in order to see which ones fit you best.

You could also create an atmosphere that would complement your inner-quiet time by adding a calming fragrance from scented candles or diffusing essential oils (personal favorites are lavender, juniper, sage, frankincense) and adding sound (e.g. nature and ocean sounds, white noise, ambient music). At the moment, I personally feel more in-tune with non-guided meditation as it allows me to literally create space within, enhance my awareness and restore the connection with my inner self that I often lose through stress, everyday frustrations, expectations and active thinking of my to-do list. By sitting down on the floor, closing my eyes and simply being, it allows me to relax and ground myself.

If you're feeling hesitant about meditation, perhaps you can try to achieve balance through movement. Yoga brings awareness to your body, eases your mind and connects you with your spiritual side. But for those of you who wish to incorporate more dynamic elements, you can check out Pilates, running or swimming.

There are also other incredible grounding activities that you can benefit from such as journaling, crafts, cooking and gardening. All of them allow you to express your thoughts and emotions in a healthy outlet and also convey your creativity. Writing gives a room to reflection and self-discovery, cooking channels inspiration and gardening takes you closer to nature.

Experiment, try different things and don't limit yourself.

I hope you now feel a step closer in your search of balance and can finally find the space and answers you seek within yourself!

Wellness is the place where you can join us on our journey to test some of those lifestyle tools and techniques the world has given us in its attempt to help us 'relax'. Working out, breathing, foods to avoid or cling to, journaling, and so on. We will share with you what worked, what didn't, and what surprised us most. And of course, encourage you to try your own!

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