Quiz: What's Your Next Favorite Book for 2018

by - January 22, 2018

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Last week we shared insights into how to overcome this winter's low mood by becoming aware of how we feel and building an armor of positive emotions. Now that we've learned how to purposefully let go of the maladaptive coping strategies and adopt healthier practices, we shouldn't forget to have some fun. If you love to read and would like to find out what your next favorite book for 2018 could be, jump in and take our quiz!

All the books listed below are brand-new and released this year, some of them in the next few months, but don't let this stop you (pre-orders exist, right?). This way you can start 2018 with a blank reading slate! We've done the research for you in a broad range of genres, whether you like fiction or non-fiction, whether you're fan of cutting-edge science fiction or health and body or looking for the next inspiring biography- we've got you covered. The books featured in our quiz have already received positive readership feedback and some have even gained critical acclaim. Enjoy!

1. What I like most about reading a good book is...

A) I love to follow the characters' personal journeys and development, explore their flaws, hopes and dreams. 
B)  It takes me to a place far, far away, often a whole different world.
C)  The unique personal essays - they can be so powerful and revelating.
D)  The fast-paced sensation I get leafing through the pages, always feeling on the edge not knowing what's going to happen next.
E) Learning more about my mind and body and enhancing my personal growth.
F)  The sweet, cosy feeling that envelopes me when I read about how two people meet and fall in love.

2. There's nothing better than...

A) Beautiful language and reading a lyrical sentence, flowing down the page. And when it's matched with thought-provoking plot and intriguing protagonist - I'm all in!
B) My wild imagination - it always takes me places I've never been before.
C) Being inspired by other people's real stories and their powerful message.
D) Uncovering a gripping spy mystery, of course. I'm actually in the middle of one right now, so forget about this quiz, I need to know what's going on!
E) Being creative! You'll find me trying out a new recipe or making my own organic lip balm!
F) Following the overly-complicated romantic, but hilarious life of teenagers in high school - they make me forget all about my own!

3. I love spending my free time...

A) Finding out how fictional people deal with real problems. Sometimes novels can teach us a lesson or two.
B) In the fictional world of time travel and space. I mean, what could be better than going on all those awesome adventures after a stressful day at work?
C) Anything work-related, I have zero time for anything else.
D) Playing detective with my nieces and nephews. They're getting better and better, but I keep my brain sharp.
E) Creating my next culinary masterpiece! It's energizing and soothing at the same time.
F) Listening to the crazy love tales of my best friends and giving out romantic advice!


If you've got more than two responses A:

General and Literary Fiction
There are no surprises here, you love thought-provoking journeys with good character development and strong plot. And if there is a flare of beautiful language and skilful writing style - even better! You're in luck this year as some of the best titles in general and literary fiction are going to grace the virtual and real bookshelves in the next couple of months.

The Queen of Hearts by Kimmery Martin
"A debut novel that pulses with humor and empathy and explores the heart's capacity for forgiveness..."
  Friends since college, Zadie and Emma have gone through the demands of medical school together. Now they both have achieved their dream careers - Zadie is a pediatric cardiologist and Emma is a trauma surgeon. But then someone from the past they've put behind returns to their lives and darker memories resurface that make them question their friendship and what could have happened. Written by a physician, The Queen of Hearts is the new promising general fiction read of 2018 that delivers.
                           Release date: February 13th

Rainbirds by Clarissa Goenawan
     A lyrical literary fiction novel set in 1990s Japan about ghosts of the past and  a journey to recovery. For all the lovely fans of literary fiction, here comes this gem of a novel that is packed with everything you'd like in a good story- a beautiful flowing language and intriguing characters.
   When Ren Ishida heads to Akakawa to honor his sister's passing, he takes her position as a teacher and the strange offer of free lodging in a wealthy politician's mansion in exchange for reading to his catatonic wife. Haunted by inexplicable dreams, he tries to find out why his sister chose to live in this remote place.
Release date: March 6th

If you've got more than two responses B:

Science-Fiction & Fantasy
You love exploring new worlds, new universes and the vastness of space. You sometimes find lands that look nothing like ours. Below you can find our selection of the most promising sci-fi and fantasy reads this year. We know, we're excited too.

The Rending and The Nest by Kaethe Schwehn
"A chilling yet redemptive post-apocalyptic debut that examines community, motherhood, faith and the importance of telling one's own story."
Follow Mira's journey and her small community through a post-apocalyptic reality where abnormality is the norm. Just when she convinced herself that she has everything under control, stranger things begin to happen. It's a story about humanity, survival, friendship, love and hope.
Release date: February 20th

The Tangled Lands by Paolo Bacigalupi and Tobias S. Buckell 
A fantasy novel focusing on a once magical empire turned toxic with an eloquent message on environmental ramifications.
  Told in four interrelated stories, The Tangled Lands explores what happens to the City of Khaim that used to rely on magic, but now has become poisoned. When a dangerous corrupt government decides to risk citizens' lives, a revolt takes place. Environmental motives throughout the plot remind us of our own reality and serve as a cautionary tale of the future, making this novel a must-read this year.
Release date: February 27th

The Gone World by Tom Sweterlitsch 
A space-inspired science fiction thriller that centres on a discovery that can threaten mankind.
   A government agent, Shannon Moss is part of a secret time-travelling project and is tasked with the job to find out what had happened to an ordinary family decades ago. As she uncovers the past with occasional jumps in time, the truth might be more dangerous than she had thought...
Nanotechnology, space time-travelling, a crime mystery and top-secret projects. Are you in?
Release date: February 6th

If you've got more than two responses C: 

Non-Fiction - Biographies & Memoirs
You like to inspire and be inspired. There's nothing better than learning from others and the powerful message they've shared. Reading about the personal and professional achievements of public figures motivates you and gives you the push you need to keep trying and believing in yourself, knowing that you'll make your dreams reality.

"It's a meaningful, touching take on the power of the right words at the right moment to change everything."
Kelly Corrigan's newest autobiographical book will take you on the chaotic ride that her life is and will make you pause for a minute or two so you can reflect on yours. Written in her trademark relatable voice, she will become your new best friend and share with you the most poignant and sometimes heart-breaking moments of her life.
Release date: January 9th

"The captivating story of how a diverse group of women broke the glass ceiling and changed the modern legal profession."
Told by the award-winning legal historian, Jill Norgen shares with you her careful curation of one hundred American female lawyers who left their mark in the profession of law.
Release date: May 22nd  

Non-Fiction - Entrepreneurial 
You are not mistaken, we've collided the above and below category for the ease of the quiz, but don't worry we know they are separate genres! Work is important to you and you don't like wasting time with escapism or fictional worlds. Why live in fiction when there's so much to do and learn from the real world?

Written by the fresh and guiding voice of the force behind Lucid New York jewellery, Anna Sabino coaches you how to utilise your talents and release your full potential towards a successful and rewarding creative career. 
Release date: January 22nd

If you've got more than two responses D:

Mystery & Thriller
As a lover of mystery and thriller, you know what you want. Others may taste different genres and play with literary flavors, but you're here for the good stuff and no matter what everyone says, the best read is a fast-paced, suspense-packed thriller that gives you twists and turns you've never predicted right until the end. Others might be weak and steal a sneak peak of the last few pages, but not you. That strong will has gotten you so far in the game and there's no coming back. 

Sunburn by Laura Lippman
   A psychological suspense about secrets, betrayal, intentions and the lengths   humans can go through. This noir thriller focuses on the life of a couple, blinded by passion and dubious intentions that quickly fuels and swallows them whole. 
Release date: 20th February

Need to Know by Karen Cleveland 
A fast-paced political thriller with the spicy flavor of espionage that's got what it takes to be turned into a motion picture. The novel centres on a CIA analyst who uncovers a dangerous secret that will test her loyalty and trust.
Release date: January 23rd

If you've got more than two responses E:

Non-Fiction - Health & Body
You've got your priorities straight - health is a passion of yours and personal growth is a requisite for your journey as a human being. You value learning and growing, knowing yourself better and living a more content, fulfilling and peaceful life. But living in our modern day and age can be difficult sometimes and you need the right book to keep you on track and remind you of what's important.

Follow the journey of inspiration speaker Amber Rae as she teaches us how to listen to our emotions and connect with the wonder within us rather than worry.
Release date: May 22nd

Hormonal: The Hidden Intelligence of Hormones by Martie Haselton, PhD and Geoffrey Miler
"Ground-breaking and counter-intuitive Hormonal will empower women everywhere to embrace their biology."
   The book explains everything we need to learn about the power of hormones and the many areas of our life they control. The authors discuss how knowing our bodies and brains can undoubtedly help us make better-informed choices.
Release date: February 13th

Non-Fiction - Cookbooks
Cooking is more than a hobby to you - it's exciting and adventurous on a weekend, but it also could be meditating - watching the herbs and spices blend in the pan makes you forget that bad day at work you had. Creating something yours is always special and you're often on the lookout for the next dose of inspiration. Whether you're a fan of strictly healthy food or perhaps you love all kinds of food - even the not-so-healthy ones, check out our selection and let us know if we've got it right!

 Specially designed to improve calmness and balance your emotions, those seasonal and simple recipes will not only help you have a balanced diet, but also a better well-being!
Release date: March 13th

Healthyish by Lindsay Hunt
If you're a fan of simple, doable, but exciting healthy recipes "with an occasional bit of decadence" - Healthyish is the cookbook for you! The ingredients used are not expensive and easy to find in your local store. Whether you're vegetarian or not - this book has something for each one of you!
Release date: January 9th

If you've got more than two responses F:

Romance & Young Adult
You love the warm feeling you get when you get lost in a good romantic novel. You understand romance and don't mind listening to your girlfriends' dating adventures and mishaps. You're there to help and encourage them. Following the journey of two souls meeting and falling in love fills you with that unique joy and hope that only you understand.

By The Book by Julia Sonneborn
"A whip-smart modern retelling of Jane Austin's classic Persuasion."
Anne Corey is an English professor in California, working hard and looking forward to her tenure when her life turns into a frenzy realizing that her first love and ex-fiancé is the college's new president.
Release date: 6th February

Meet Cute: Some People Are Destined to Meet by Jennifer L. Armentrout and others
"An anthology of original short stories featuring tales of 'how they first met' from some of today's most popular Young Adult authors."
There's diversity, humor and wit, a dozen of meet-cute snippets and of course, the beginnings of love. Whether you're fan of YA or romance, give the book a try - it's a guaranteed fuzzy, light-hearted experience.
Release date: January 2nd

That's all from us this week! We hope you had fun with our little book quiz and you're looking forward to enjoying your new favorite 2018 read. Don't forget to let us know what you think!

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