How to Focus at Work After the Holidays

by - January 04, 2018

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The first few days after the December holidays are challenging at best. You've got into vacation mode and have been waking up at ten, making breakfast in your jammies while singing along to a Christmas tune, then you sit on the couch by the tree and blissfully enjoy the time off work, unwrapping a reindeer-shaped chocolate bar. No calendar checking, no email frenzy and no more being on the look out for your boss finding you browsing through social media feeds rather than you know, doing your job. You were the master of your day, the CEO of your schedule and now you have to get back to work and somehow forget you have ever been away. It is tough, there's no lie about it, but that's why we are here. We'll try to make your transition back to work at least a little bit easier with the following handy techniques. Being at work when your body and mind are not ready can bring a range of negative emotions. Yet there is always a way (often more than just one!) to fight off the blues and get back to functioning normalcy, stronger and better than ever.

wellness, wellbeing, health, behavior, stress, coping, ideas , tips, mindfulness, calm, inspiration, mindbodysoul, positivity, happiness, change, shinethroughyou, lifestyle, online magazine

I know I've brushed lightly on the significance of goals-setting before when I've talked about morning motivation, but I can't stress enough how important they are for us to keep on track not just in terms of our professional growth. Don't forget to remind yourself of your goals, what they are and what they mean to you. If you've already accomplished them - start new ones! Especially now, a week into the new year, we are given the unique chance to let go of everything that pushed us back and prevented us from moving forward. Get back to your goals, improve them, tweak them, and believe in them. Believe also in yourself and your abilities to reach them.

Create short-term ones and don't forget to set long-term goals too! While it might seem easier and more satisfying to celebrate your achievements from short-term goals, ultimately it is equally as important for us to look at the bigger picture and strive to achieve what requires more work, time and effort. It is not only fulfilling to watch yourself climb the small steps towards your big objectives, but also you can see how you've grown, changed and see how the long-term goals and priorities have changed with you. Even if you don't accomplish them, you'll know you've tried and done everything you could. And by the moment you start dwelling on their unattainability, you'd have already focused on the new goal. Life is not always about ticking boxes on our mental list of dreams, it's about moving forward towards something greater and adapting accordingly to the challenges we face. Don't be afraid to set goals that seem as if they will take years to accomplish, you'll be surprised how much you've achieved on your way to reaching them.

wellness, wellbeing, health, behavior, stress, coping, ideas , tips, mindfulness, calm, inspiration, mindbodysoul, positivity, happiness, change, shinethroughyou, lifestyle, online magazine

Remind yourself of what makes you happy and feel fulfilled at work. It could be your workplace - the location, maybe a small park nearby where you like to take a lunch break stroll or maybe it's the coffee shop where you frequently meet with your co-workers every Friday morning before work. Perhaps you like the drive there, listening to your carefully-selected playlist in the car that took months to carefully pick or you look forward to putting the new shoes you got for Christmas into work. No matter how little the thing that brings you a spark of enjoyment, focus your energy on it and shut down the nagging thoughts of insecurities and 'what ifs'. Granted, you might say you're the happiest self when you're away from work, but it's only because it's temporary. The reality is that it's healthy to engage our brains and bodies with something more productive and feel good by being active and making a positive difference again.

Rekindling the enjoyment you find in your job might be easier for those of you who like what you're doing, however, we know by experience that it's not so simple when you have to get back to a job you can't bear anymore. If this is the case, then you can use this time to your advantage. Start the year by making a plan of what you want to do and where, then implement the plan of action that brings you closer to the work you'd enjoy. Think of your current employment as another learning experience towards what you want to become and don't give up until you get there (we're going to look at this into a greater detail in the next couple of weeks).

We hope you'll find our tips useful and offer you a different perspective - ideally one that helps you see things in a better light and brings you not only inner-quiet, but also a dose of healthy motivation to face your day and give you the confidence boost to keep doing what you're great at. Yes, the alarm clock will keep waking us up earlier, but this way we have the whole day ahead of us, including the mornings, and they can be promising. If you don't believe me, then believe the statistics of social science - studies report that creativity is at its highest shortly after waking up as your prefrontal cortex is most active (Shannon et al. 2013).

Have a great week and see you next Monday! If you have any specific requests for articles and content you'd like to see on our pages, drop us a line below, in Facebook/Instagram/Twitter or email us. We are always happy to work on material you find interesting and want to learn more about!

In Daily Motivation we will lead the fight to stay motivated, whether it's about your job, the boring tasks you have to deal with, the workplace-built intolerance, finding the strength and time for your real passions, follow what truly makes you happy, or just live and wake up without the daunting feeling of having to go through another rushed day.

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