Why It's Important to Re-charge This Autumn

by - October 23, 2017

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Autumn is the season of transitions. "Why?" you'd ask. Well, autumn always finds itself squashed between dynamic memories of summer's sunny blasts and the anticipation of the festive season just a couple of months away. Fall often lingers under our radar and unjustifiably so! Yes, for someone who loves summers as much as I do, the change to shorter days, longer nights and wrapping myself up in many layers can feel frustrating. The inner child in us can easily discard the season in a tantrum on a chilly Monday morning.

But this autumn something in me has shifted. I have decided to enjoy it - the reds and yellows collected in the treetops, the sounds of my feet walking through the crumpled leaves that have fallen on the grass. I listened to the quiet rain in the middle of the day putting my weekend plans into a frenzy, and suddenly my angst just blurred as I strolled down the park. I fully saw autumn and it was beautiful. But this is not the sole reason why I think it's important to re-charge this autumn!

As I've already said, this is the season of transitions and as we kiss a temporary goodbye to the summer with its many ups and downs (but mostly its promises and anticipations), we are trying to get our bodies and minds in tune with winter and its frosty charm. The light begins to wane, the cold begins to creep, and the long wait begins for the revival of spring. Or as Xavier Rudd once put it: "Tomorrow is a brand new day for everyone, brand new moon and brand new sun…".

Fall gives us the opportunity to shake off the qualms we've gathered over the year and to make the first steps and preparations towards "the new" before the deep sleep of winter. This way we can be fully ready to welcome the spring awake and anew, open to the gifts of new experiences without clutching to our emotional baggage. It gives us the best opportunity to let go of our built-up negativity - the unfulfilled goals, the steps backwards, the self-criticism, the experiences we label as failures. There's plenty to let go of if we spend time to think about it and that's why not many of us like to embark on this discovery. I get it, it's not always easy to draw a fresh line. I'll touch on emotionally letting go in a greater detail some other time.

Now, besides letting things go, the concept of moving forward is another helper we can befriend this fall. Once we've let go of what no longer serves us, it's time to have a good look at ourselves, what we want and who we want to be and then look around to try something new. By expanding our horizons, we would be able to see things we've somehow missed before and see some moments and parts of life in a different, better light.

Please feel free and welcome to share the new experiences you found by letting go and moving forward this autumn in the comment section below!

Inner Quiet is all about you. We will tackle the thoughts and fears of living in a world that keeps going even when you feel that you need a break. When a stressful life wraps you in its claws with no-way-out, we will try to show you another possibility, another solution, another way. No matter what you do or what you want to see yourself doing, we want to help you to shine through you. To be a human is hard enough without the constant pressure of being perfect and in this day and age we might feel it's impossible to live free of self-imposed constraints and others' expectations. Let's prove it wrong.

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